ONLINE CLASSES: Guided Sound Meditation with FRAN RAJEWSKI

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On 26/03/2020 20:30 o'clock
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español abajo: Guided meditation : Sound nidra with ancestral instruments Nidra means “sleep” in Sanskrit. It is a state of deep lucid sleep, where our body is totally relaxed and increasingly aware of our inner world. Although Nidra can be understood as 'psychic sleep', it has nothing to do with falling asleep. The goal is to achieve deep conscious relaxation. It brings the calm, tranquillity and clarity of mind you need. I will guide you in meditation and my voice will be accompanied by the magical sounds of ancestral instruments such as Tibetan bowls, chimes and gongs. You will enter a state of calm and deep relaxation. With this practice, important parts of the unconscious are revealed and your mind is purified. It also awakens creativity and clears the mind. It increases willpower, improves insomnia and the quality of sleep. It helps you to achieve your goals and you will feel a reduction of stress.

Meditación guiada : Nidra sonoro con instrumentos ancestrales Nidra significa 'sueño' en sánscrito. Es un estado de sueño profundo y lúcido, donde nuestro cuerpo está totalmente relajado y cada vez más consciente de nuestro mundo interior. Aunque Nidra puede entenderse como 'sueño psíquico', no se trata de quedarse dormido. El objetivo es alcanzar una profunda relajación consciente. Esta meditación trae la calma, la tranquilidad y la claridad mental que necesitas. Os guiaré en la meditación y mi voz estará acompañada por los mágicos sonidos de instrumentos ancestrales como cuencos tibetanos, carrillones de viento y gongs. Entrarais en un estado de profunda relajación y calma.

Con esta práctica, se revelan partes importantes del inconsciente y se purifica la mente. También despierta la creatividad, aumenta la fuerza de voluntad, mejora el insomnio y la calidad del sueño. Os ayudara a alcanzar vuestras metas y sentiréis una reducción del estrés.

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Fran Rajewski
Fran Rajewski - is a vibrational sound fixer, massage therapist as well as the founder of SoundAtaraxia. She is passionate about the value of sound for mind, body and soul and holds space for her clients, so they feel nurtured, relaxed and supported on their wellbeing journey. Adapting her methodology to every individual, she loves that every sound massage is truly unique to the client and she personalises each session with a combination of singing bowls, Koshis® and fen gong. A sound bath is another aspect of sound therapy. Comfortably seated or lying down in a welcoming room, participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery. Gongs, meditation bowls, Koshis, shamanic drum and flute, tonguedrums, as well as many other instruments, many ancestrals, create a sound atmosphere that envelops and penetrates the body and mind, immersing participants in deep relaxation. Based in Malaga she offers one-to-one and group sessions as well as workshops in the city, in Andalusia and wherever she is called to.

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