ONLINE Yin & Yang 45 min.

Online stream
OM Yoga Stuttgart
at 15/09/2021 12:00-12:45 o'clock (45 min)
Price: 10.00 €


10.00 €Single ticket  


Combining strengthening Vinyasa flows with deep, structure stretching Yin holds, this 45 minute class is the perfect antidote to feeling 'stuck' or 'stale' in your practice or habits.

We'll begin by setting a tempo and tone in our breath, then build up heat with laser-focused Sun Salutation sequences. The intensity we create will then lead us into therapeutic Yin asanas, poses that will feel totally different in this new context. We'll move back and forth between these two 'extremes', finding the Yin in the Yang and the Yang in the Yin, before finishing with a twisting sequence designed to eliminate imbalances in the spine, hips and digestive system.

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