Powerful Grace: Weekend Full Immersion with Tatiana De Pillo

OM Yoga Stuttgart
Starts on Saturday, 23/10/2021 - 2 units
Address: Gutenbergstraße 77a, 70197 Stuttgart
Price: from 45.00 €


45.00 €Ticket for Sa. 23/10/2021, 12:00 - 14:30  
45.00 €Ticket for Su. 24/10/2021, 12:00 - 14:30  
80.00 €All inclusive ticket  


Tatiana DePillo is coming to Stuttgart for two workshops on October 23-24!

Tatiana is movement maven, master body mechanic, pole/aerial artist, senior yoga teacher, coach and so much more, renowned for her refined eye and ability with hands on adjustments, cultivated over 10+ years of teaching combined with 10000+ hours of seeing different bodies move.

She will be sharing her knowledge in two different workshops:


BACKBENDS & CREATIVE TRANSITIONS Become truly spherical by expanding from fundamental backbend details to creative transitions. Learn to leverage your lower body to lift your lungs to create a sustainable backbend. Once you know how to use the tools than you have options, and options make you powerful.

Level variations will be provided, everyone will be able to participate!

SUNDAY 24/10

HANDSTANDS, SHOULDERS & FORWARD FOLDS Developing a handstand is about 3 things: Mobility - it’s crucial to work on the pieces of you that create a handstand to not only to be as efficient as possible but stay injury free. From wrists to shoulders, to forward bends. Technique - Practice is only as good as what you practice. Refine your efforts to make progress. Consistency - when you have a good plan, you stick with it. With +20 plus years of experience, and rebuilding a handstand practice after injuries she knows how to get you where you want to go, safely.

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1.23/10/202112:00 - 14:30Gutenbergstraße 77a, 70197 Stuttgartnot specified
2.24/10/202112:00 - 14:30Gutenbergstraße 77a, 70197 Stuttgartnot specified

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation with full refund up to 48h before event start. Cancellation less than 48h before event start with no refund. Note that we reserve the right to cancel the workshop in case attendance will not reach a minimum of participants. In this case you’ll be informed and a get 100% refund of your ticket.