Acting Masterclass m. Kirk Baltz (L.A.)

Starts on Monday, 31/10/2022 - 4 units
Address: Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 München
Price: from 500.00 €
Workshop is fully booked


500.00 €4 Days Returner Ticket  
530.00 €4 Days Acting Workshop  


The progression is really quite simple: Listen Fully… Let Go Completely… Respond Truthfully.

We practice this first without text…then with text.

In this 4 day Masterclass we will explore: Movement Relaxation Sensory Exercises Meisner Repetition Improv Character Development Working with text We are set free as artists when our work is not looked upon as a performance that’s “flung out there”…but as a courageously vulnerable internal experience that is released and shared. Together we will return to connection while taking the necessary precautions to care for ourselves and our community. In this workshop, we’ll be using an original screenplay titled The Cut, which is currently in development in Los Angeles. This script has only been seen by producers and investors, so the opportunity to work with it is really unique. The Cut is a dark comedy with some really fun and twisted characters. Commit, save the dates, and join us. It’s gonna be a blast!


  • Early Regulars (until 1st Oct.): 500€ | Regular: 530€ for all 4 days
  • Early Returners (until 1st Oct.): 480€ | Returners 500€ for all 4 days

Please Note:

Returners/Acting-Students Discount please request via Email. Available for students that have participated at least once before at Kirk Baltz workshops, or currently enrolled acting students (please send us your proove via email).

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Kirk Baltz
While having appeared in over 150 film, TV and stage productions Kirk Baltz has worked with such noted film directors as Paul Thomas Anderson, Chantal Akerman, Warren Beatty, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Kevin Costner, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford and Deniz Gamez Erguven. He trained extensively with Greg Zittle of The Neighborhood Play House and Sandra Seacat, Tony Greco and Susan Batson, all renowned acting teachers and noted members of NY’s Actor’s Studio. In ’95, Kirk began teaching acting classes in LA and workshops in other major cities across the U.S. and abroad. He continues to offer private coaching in LA as well as online sessions via Skype. He can currently be seen in film festivals across the US and abroad in the critically acclaimed short films The Armoire by Evan Cooper as well as Demon by Caleb Slain. Kirk will be appearing in the upcoming feature The Will O Wisp by Evan Cooper.


1.31/10/202210:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
2.01/11/202210:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
3.02/11/202210:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz
4.03/11/202210:00 - 17:00Bergmannstraße 22, 80339 MünchenKirk Baltz

Cancellation conditions

Limited Spaces! Cancellations up to 12 weeks before. We kindyl ask you for your understanding. However, if the Corona-Regulations do not allow for the workshop to happen, you will be reimbursed fully.