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Vata Balance

78 min
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Barbra Noh Yoga
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About the class

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Vata is the ayurvedic principle of movement and change. If Vata becomes too dominant we become nervous, perhaps even anxious, sleepless, restless and unable to make decisions. This class is designed to balance (reduce) Vata and help you to feel more calm and grounded. It is ideal when you are feeling stressed or overworked and want to restore energy. The sequence features gentle, circular movements to release Vata in the joints, rhythmic breathing exercises, strength building for the legs, deeper movements for the hips and grounding poses leading into Savasana.

About the trainer/teacher

Barbra Noh has been a student of movement her whole life. She is an internationally recognised yoga teacher who loves to share her passion for health, healing and personal growth. An Australian based in Munich/Germany, she travels internationally to teach workshops, offer retreats and present at conferences. Additional to her highly regarded teacher trainings she is also co-founder of the healing system, ThaiVedic Yoga. Barbra found that yoga and meditation changed her life, giving her tools to work with her mind, heal her body and nourish her spirit. She believes the transformational techniques and teachings of yoga empower and encourage us in our quest to sense our worthiness and live our full potential.