Katonah Yoga® Practice: Being, Doing, Seeing, Fits for function

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Starts on Sunday, 06/02/2022
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Aylin will guide you through a series of Katonah Yoga practices.

Katonah Yoga is a Hatha Yoga framework that should be understood as a lens that can be looked through. The founder of Katonah Yoga, Nevine Michaan, combines Daoist theory and diagnostics, sacred geometry, metaphors and grids to organize the Self in time and space.

When practicing Katonah Yoga the practitioner will be invited to use archetypes, metaphors and vision to understand ones personal patterns.

By engaging in the mind-body-breath dialogue the mind will inform the body and vice versa. By the virtue of using this potent technique one gets to re-form and re-structure the own narrative.

So ultimately Yoga is not about being good or flexible but about how well can inform ourselves to our advantage.

This practice is demanding because it requires the same amount of effort from everyone no matter the personal story and circumstances. That’s why universal techniques are so powerful and help to rise above personal pain and foibles. It takes time and repetition, endurance and investment to eventually be ready to reap the fruits and catch grace. What seems linear and formal in the beginning will eventually become liberating and spherical in time.

6.2.22 Being: Practice for stability

13.02.22 Doing: Practice for range

20.02.22 Seeing: Practice for perspective

27.02.22 Fits for function: Practice for fluency and integration

The sessions are taught in English. You will get the recording afterwards for a couple of days.

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