Thai Massage meets Osteopathy

Starts on Sunday, 11/06/2023
Price from 45.00 €


an intermediate/advanced bodywork workshop with Almuth Kramer

10-13h – Pelvis Mobility – tests and treatment

14-17h – Breath of Joy – releasing the diaphragm and promoting fascial freedom inside the thorax

Sunday, 10-13h

Pelvis Mobility – tests and treatment

The pelvis is the base of the spine. Pelvic dis-balances create postural compensations and tensions all along the back and neck. In this workshop we aim to support symmetry in the pelvis to build a healthy foundation for the upper body. We test and treat the mobility of the pelvic ring - consisting of the two iliac bones and the sacrum - looking at the joints (posterior: the 2 sacroiliac joints and anterior the pubic symphysis) and some typically involved tight muscles.

Sunday, 14-17h

Breath of Joy – releasing the diaphragm and promoting fascial freedom inside the thorax

Using palpation we will look at the different structures and layers that house the lungs (the ribcage, the diaphragm, the endothoracic fascia and the visceral fascia that surrounds the lungs and the heart).For the full expansion of the lungs each of these layers needs mobility, lubricity and the capacity to glide and move against each other without friction. We will touch each layer moving from the outside towards the inside to promote freedom and joyful ease of breath.

LEVEL Please bring the experience of at least a 5-days basic course in Thai Massage / Shiatsu or other styles of bodywork.

TEACHING LANGUAGE English – Übersetzung ins Deutsche bei Bedarf

One 3 hour session: 38€ early bird*/ 45€ regular
Both sessions: 70€ early bird*/ 80€ regular

* Early Bird with online booking & payment till May 31st

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1.11/06/202310:00 - 13:00Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 BerlinAlmuth
2.11/06/202314:00 - 17:00Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 BerlinAlmuth


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