Conscious Connected Breathwork + Soundbath with Katzi - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 10/12/2022
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Ride the bliss waves of your higher frequency as you tune into your inner galactic world. In this you'll be guided to traverse your inner landscapes with conscious connected Breathwork accompanied by a soundscape to facilitate your inner journey. In the process of conscious Breathwork there is a possibility to dive into realms of the unconscious giving clarity as to what lies beneath the surface. From bliss to mystery, there is a vast spectrum of what can be experienced, yet you'll be guided and held by Katzi. Following the breathwork session you'll have the space to absorb the magic of the experience as you bathe in bliss with a Crystal singing bowl Soundbath. To honor our divine mirrors within one another the session will come full circle with an optional sharing to assist in the integration.

Come and join the wonderful Katzi on Saturday, December 10th, 15:00- 17:30. 29€ or USC check-in + 15€ Please book your spot through Eversports as well.
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Kat Schamens


1.10/12/202215:00 - 17:30Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinKat Schamens

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