Fluid Movement Workshop with Alexandra - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 17/12/2022
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Fluid Movement

A healthy asana practice has the purpose to ultimately support insight that frees our mind from habitual patterns and suffering. Both the gross and subtle body are the terrain where unconscious and semiconscious tensions, retractions, expansions and discrete movements of Prana are stored. All these movements are based on past and present patterns of thinking. Fluidity of movement is a form of intelligence that effortlessly manifests through the integration of Prana and citta. In this process we are slowly freed from preconditioned patterns that keep us mentally and physically entangled. With the intent of cultivating this inner intelligence that informs our every movement in a fluid way, we'll get a taste of some internal forms of the practice through important visceral visualisations that are related to actual anatomical structures of our bodies. This approach requires a lot of attention and repetition over a long period of time because it works with opposing yet complementary patterns of movement as well as thoughts, feelings and emotions. It stays at the very core of a Vinyasa practice.

The workshop is for all levels: complete beginners and practitioners who wish to strengthen their practice.

Come and join the wonderful Alexandra on Saturday, December 17th, 15:00- 17:30.

29€ or USC check-in + 15€ Online: USC check-in OR 15€

Please book your spot (in person and online) through Eversports as well.

  • info: info@yoganowberlin.de

Teacher :

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Alexandra Solomon


1.17/12/202215:00 - 17:30Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinAlexandra Solomon

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