Slow Down to Rise Up: Yin & Sound Journey with Sabrina

Starts on Saturday, 11/02/2023
Price from 15.00 €


Yin Yoga is a gentle, deep and meditative practice. It is when we slow down and become physically still that we can connect to our Self- and that's where all the answers lie. Combined with the healing and nurturing frequencies of sound, this practice allows you to move into deeper levels of your being. This journey is an invitation to explore your inner landscape with a softened gaze, a time and space to recognize your own magic again through the modalities of yin yoga, sound & Introspection.

'Slow Down to Rise Up' creates time and space for

  • deep grounding and connection for your physical body
  • a sense of calm & clarity for your mental body
  • balance for your emotional body
  • and deep nourishment for your energetic body

What to expect in this workshop: - pranayama & meditation - journaling - yin yoga - sound bath with gongs & crystal bowls

Come and join the wonderful Sabrina on Saturday, December 3rd, 15:00- 17:30. 29€ or USC check-in + 15€ Please book your spot (in person and online) through Eversports as well.

Teacher :

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Sabrina Patricia


1.11/02/202315:00 - 17:30Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinSabrina Patricia

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