Movement, Sound and Cacao with Marie - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 04/02/2023
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Movement, Sound and Cacao is an invitation to you to connect to the presence of presence and yourself in a very intimate and easeful way. Moving intuitively and breathing is known to allow the body to restore its own natural goodness and health, unblocking knots that we might or might not even consciously know about. This is the coming together of ancient wisdom and the findings of modern science, stating the same things. Same goes for the effects and being of sound (nada in Sanskrit) which this 2-hour-practice concludes in in the form of a soundbath with several instruments. The wisdom and tradition of Cacao supports us in this practice and might open up for you what wants to be opened up. It is a practice that truly comes from my whole heart and, if that serves you, I am more than happy to hold the space for you to be here.

Come and join the wonderful Marie on Saturday, February 4th, 20:00- 22:00.

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Marie Höcker


1.04/02/202320:00 - 22:00Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinMarie Höcker

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