Shamanika Ecstatic Dance by Katzi & Live Music by Pauly - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 18/03/2023
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Shamanika Ecstatic Dance by Katzi & Live Music by Pauly

Free yourself to the rhythm of the beat within your cosmic heart. Shamanika Ecstatic Dance invites you to feel into all elemental properties within your being as you move to the beat of your own drum accompanied by a DJ set by Katzi. The idea is to move organically and beyond the norms of your own patterned behavior in order to feel and sense the magnificence of your totality while feeling a connection to the world around you through embodying elementally. When we dance organically we feel into our truth, thus naturally what isn't of service burns away to create more space to feel into our true essence. If you wish, you can layer on a shamanic breath to deepen the purification process, but above all have fun and set yourself FREE!

Come and join on Saturday, March 18th, 20:00- 22:30.

  • Price: 20€ or Urban Sports Membership + 10€* Please book your spot through Eversports as well.

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Kat Schamens


1.18/03/202320:00 - 22:30Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinKat Schamens

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