Handstand + Inversions Workshop with Adriano Natoli - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 29/04/2023
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Handstand + Inversions workshop with Adriano Natoli

In this step-by-step workshop you will take a deep dive into headstands, forearm stands and handstands. It's common to feel stuck in your yoga practice when training for inversions. To prevent injury, it's important to understand the foundations to create a solid base for balancing on two hands. We will learn how to build strength, overcome fear and get upside down. The program will advance gradually until you will eventually do a freestanding handstand.

This workshop is for beginners/intermediate practitioners. 

Come and join the wonderful Adriano on Saturday, April 29th, 15:00 - 17:00.

29€ or USC check-in + 15€

Please book your spot through Eversports as well.

  • info: info@yoganowberlin.de

Teacher :

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Adriano Natoli


1.29/04/202315:00 - 17:00Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinAdriano Natoli

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