YOU BLISS ~ Ceremony, Creative Expression, Sharing with Sebastiaan - Studio - EN

Starts on Saturday, 20/05/2023
Price from 10.00 €


A ceremony, creative expression, sharing by Sebastiaan on the subject of “YOU BLISS”. A moment in time dedicated to you, movement in the form of Yoga, meditation, breathwork, storytelling, live ambient electronic music and book readings. Scissors will be handed out, for the ones who want to poke wholes in the veil of confusion, the physical plane of existence, the drama, the manifest. Would you like to find out what shadows are blocking your view? Remember the true self. 

We will be still, we will move, we will love ourselves, see ourselves, realize ourselves and from that place all the beauty around us. 

We are excited to come together with you. Much love Sebastiaan

Price: 20€ or Urban Sports Membership + 10€*

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Sebastiaan Lefuce


1.20/05/202320:00 - 22:30Mehrhingdamm 61, 10961 BerlinSebastiaan Lefuce

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