Yoga & Trauma mit Suze Retera

Starts on Friday, 28/08/2020
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Module: Embodiment, Grounding & Trauma Awareness for Yoga Teachers Yoga is a profound practice that draws students with all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences, often to find a form of healing. In order for yoga classes to be truly healing, it is important that the teacher has some awareness of how trauma shows up in the body, how yoga can be beneficial or trigger a release, and how to create a safe space in class. In this module Suze bring yoga and Psycholody together and explain the way tension and trauma settles in the body. She will approach this through the nervous system, the fascia and specific muscles and how these systems relate to each other. You will learn how to recognize trauma as it manifests in the body and the behavior of your student. We will practice how to sense boundaries and create safety in your classes, which will allow you to feel more confident in front of a group and able to handle anything that might come up in your class. This module allows you to explore your own body awareness, grounding and tendencies to dissociate, which is always the starting point from where you will be able to share with others.

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