*Finding Flight* - Workshop with Bradley Franco

Starts on Saturday, 12/11/2022
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Finding Flight

Interested in learning inversions like handstand, forearmstand, and headstand, but don't have a place to try them on your own or  too afraid to ? Then here is a your chance to build the foundations necessary to start your inversion practice! 

We will dive into some fun and creative movements to prepare the body for inversions, go over prevention work for the wrists, spine, shoulders & hips, and go over common and some uncommon drills to build the right base for your inversion journey. From this workshop you will be able to have the tools to practice on your own at home, whether that means building the strength for your inversions or learning how to play upside down without a wall.

Already have a bit of an inversion practice? No problem, there will be added progressions depending on your level. This workshop is an all levels workshop. But, some yoga experience is highly recommended. 

Teacher :


I’ve been actively into sports and movement since the age of 4. I was put into therapy and pharmaceutical drugs from the age of 7 until 21 because of ADHD, OCD, Anxiety disorder and more…. Testing my body’s capabilities through strength & flexibility gave me meaning, understanding, and joy about the way my brain “works” and how to handle and accept the pressure of "being a kid with disorders" Yoga, Psychology, & Coaching are my methods for my own daily self work, and those I teach. I've dreamt of changing people's lives since being a child, because I knew I wanted to positively change mine. Moving one step at a time through movement and mindset practices gave me the ability to do this. The Power UP program is one of these practices that will change the way you view your body, your mind, and your strength and flexibility. Should we have the chance to work together, it will be an honor and privilege to move with you.


1.12/11/202214:00 - 17:00Kronenstraße 4, 40217 DüsseldorfBradley


Du kannst diesen Workshop bis zu 7 Tage vor Beginn stornieren.

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