Inversion Workshop with Miroslav Lesjak

Starts on Saturday, 08/10/2022
Price 45.00 €


Are you just starting to work on your inversions, or you want to deepen your existing practice? We have something for you. The goal of the inversion workshop is to offer a deeper insight into inverted yoga postures, try challenging new variations and elevate your practice to a new level. The workshop consists of: - Inversion specific warm-up / short vinyasa Mechanisms of inversions (physical, psychological and energetic) - Specific strength building exercises for inversions - Strategies for safely getting into and out of inverted postures - Detailed look into specific inverted positions and their variations (such as headstand, pincha mayurasana , handstand and variations) – tailored to the group level, there will be something for everyone - Finishing asana sequence and a guided relaxation

Targeted towards advanced beginners /intermediate/advanced levels with an established practice. The workshop is in English.

About Miro: As a long-time spiritual seeker, threading for over 15 years on a personal transformation path, I have discovered Dharma yoga practice in 2017. With a strong belief in cultivating personal experience, I’ve followed my heart to New York where I had the privilege to study under the guidance of a great living yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra. My teachings are rooted in a classical yoga method and include a dynamic vinyasa system (body postures), pranayama (breathing methods), nidra (yogic sleep) and meditation techniques underlined by non-dual Vedantic philosophy. I have shared this knowledge in classes, workshops and one-on-one format around Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Certifications: TT 200h Multi-style Vinyasa, Divya Yoga Zagreb, Croatia TT 500h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York TT 700h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York TT 1000h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York* TT 50h Life of a Yogi, Dharma Yoga, New York

Web and social media: IG: @declarationofoneness


1.08/10/202215:30 - 18:00Ditmar-Koel-Str. 23a, 20459 Hamburgnot specified

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