with Grace

Starts on Sunday, 30/01/2022
Price 50.00 €


a 3hr co-lead experience with Brooklyn and Toni to help navigate you closer to a true place of rest so you can can re-establish, re-organise and re-inform. ‍ in this mini day retreat we will explore the metaphor of the body as our house. ‍ to live a good life in this house we need to make sure it’s cleaned up and well organized.we’ll use these 4 hours to travel through every room, open windows, remove the dust, throwing out the trash and put ourselves in the center of our circumstances. ‍ we’ll be using scaffolding and restorative shapes to re-inform the personal so that we have the opportunity for insight. ‍ a vigorous pranayama practice to sharpen and clear out your mind, followed by restorative asanas will help you to dive into a deeper state of relaxation.

ending with restorative yoga filled with oils, scents and sounds.

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1.30/01/202214:00 - 17:00Graefestraße 71, 10967 BerlinBrooklyn

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