Alina Sokulska - Dancing to contemporary Jazz & Body Movement / Blues am 01.10.2022

Starts on Saturday, 01/10/2022
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Wir freuen uns auf zwei Workshops mit Alina Sokulska am 01.10.2022

1. Dancing to contemporary jazz

Saturday 01.10 2022 18:00 - 19:30

On this workshop we are going to open up to the musicality of contemporary jazz and revive the vocabulary os swing, authentic jazz, UK jazz dance, bebop in a contemporary perspective of improvisation & movement research. the music inspiration for this workshop is modern and contemporary jazz.

Alina has been researching such non popular social dances as bebop & UK jazz since 2014, and managed to elaborate on her own dance language and ways of approaching jazz music from modern to contemporary, generating unusual dance improvisation models, spontaneous moving & composition. she has been sharing her approach worldwide with her company Giant Steps dance group, and now she is excited to share it with Leipzig dance community <3

2. Body movement & blues | 19:40 - 21:10

These 1,5 hours we will dedicate to a slow refining of our instrument - body. we will work on the awareness & body isolations, how to deconstruct & construct your movement flow, & make it groovy. we will get some inspiration from original blues dance footage as well.

Beide Workshops finden am 01.10.2022 statt Du kannst die Workshop einzeln aber auch in Kombination buchen.

1 Workshop kostet 35,00€ | für Swinign'le Memberships 30,00€ Beide Workshops 60,00€ | für Swingin'le Memberships 55,00€

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1.01/10/202218:00 - 19:30Lagerhofstraße 4, 04103 Leipzignot specified
2.01/10/202219:40 - 21:10Lagerhofstraße 4, 04103 Leipzignot specified

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