• Cacao Ceremony Kirtan • Music that feeds your soul with Marlia

Starts on Sunday, 16/06/2024
Price 50.00 €


You are warmly invited to our Cacao ceremony with traditionally prepared Bali Cacao, elements from different indigenous cultures of the world, mantra and sound journey.

Immerse yourself in a unique journey to open your heart, sing from your heart, explore your inner rhythms and move to the heartbeat of Life. 

Feel the ancient art of drinking cacao as a sanga (community, tribe) as a powerful spiritual and holistic practice, designed to elevate your consciousness and intuition.

Chocolate has long been associated with love, gratification, and feeling good, and there's a scientifically proven reason for that. Real chocolate - that is, 100% pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao - is an excellent source of natural "happiness" chemicals. Including the "love molecule" itself - PEA for short.

PEA stimulates brain chemistry often associated with the feelings we have when we fall in love. It helps improve mood, increase attention and energy, and promote a feeling of well-being. 

• Preparation:

- Only a light meal before or fasting (juice, water)

- Comfortable clothes (preferably white or light colors - but not a must) 

You're welcome to wear something that makes you feel magic, if you like!

• What to bring:

- Water bottle

- Crystals, power symbols, jewelry or something from nature (leafs, flowers, nut or similar) for the co-created altar

• Miscellaneous:

- If you are taking medication or have other health complications/allergies

please let us know in advance.

"Marlia has embarked on a musical/spiritual journey that has turned her into a veritable cornucopia of soul-searching truths and soul-stirring tunes. You can find her somewhere between a Santorini sunset and the dancing Northern lights captivating the mesmerized pilgrims..." Robert Camassa, Radio Producer


Marlia Coeur is a world-class vocalist, guitar virtuoso and composer. The Cyprus-born indie music artist and multi-instrumentalist radiates a charismatic high frequency in all her offerings.

Since releasing her solo album ‘Ode to Self’ in 2017, she has taken her craft to the farthest corners of the globe, reactivating & uplifting audiences with her boundless energy.

She is blending her unique spiritual journey with exquisite artistry and connects the listeners to their heart.

Marlia offers a truly unique sound experience and allows the listeners to escape the mind and to travel between dimensions.

You will find her half year touring & performing ecstatic concerts in European cathedrals/venues/festivals & the other half teaching music in her Music Soul Academy in Bali (vocal trainings/workshops/retreats). www.marliacoeur.com 

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1.16/06/202417:00 - 20:00Wilmersdorfer Straße 98, 10629 BerlinMarlia

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