Learn the secrets of your Human Design with Chi Lisa

Starts on Saturday, 29/06/2024
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Be the person you came here to be, before the world told you who to be. THIS is Human Design!

With Chi’s intuitive guidance and the wisdom of Human Design, dive into a playful workshop where you will wipe the cobwebs off your inner compass, and learn to listen to it.

Human Design is a “wisdom system” that introduces you to your soul’s unique map. This map has hidden within it your gifts, talents and purpose. When you have the map and the compass, you will never feel lost again. This exciting workshop will help to illuminate your path and strengthen your intuition, leading you to a fulfilling and meaningful life with endless possibilities.

You knowing yourself, is a powerful divine force here to align you to a life that is filled with greatest ease, peace and joy – beyond the mind’s capability.

Chi will facilitate and guide you through a series of insightful games and exercises, allowing you to dial up the volume of your soul’s whispers. So that everyday decision-making turns into a divine flow, based on clarity and trust.

This is your invitation to deeply know, honour, and trust yourself on a profound level.


Please come prepared and get your individual Human Design Chart for free either here: mybodygraph.com or geneticmatrix.com
You need your exact time, day and location of birth.


Chi, a Bali-based intuitive Empowerment Coach, Human Design Reader, and sacred Women’s Circle Facilitator, she is originally from Berlin, with a vibrant mix of German and Indonesian heritage.

As a 4/6 sacral generator with a stellium in Cancer (3 planets in cancer) and Gemini rising, she deeply believes in the power of embodied community and sisterhood.

With an insatiable curiosity for unlocking human potential, her deep understanding of empowerment, her empathy and intuitive insights – not to mention her own unique story from doom to bloom – enables her to guide personal transformations. Inspired by her greatest muse, her 6-year-old son, Chi brings a very nurturing and compassionate approach to her work

She guides her clients through the process of knowing, honoring, and trusting themselves, so that they can embrace their divinity and experience a more dignified & sacred way of living.

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Chi Lisa


1.29/06/202411:00 - 13:00Wilmersdorfer Straße 98, 10629 BerlinChi Lisa

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