WS mit Prashant Tewatia: „Balanced View – Balancing Poses“

Startet am Tuesday, 04/04/2023
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Prashant is back in the house!

Wir freuen uns auf den erneuten Besuch von unserem lieben Freund & Kollegen Prashant aus Indien –bereits zum vierten Mal kommt dieser sympathische und hochqulifizierte Yogalehrer live zu uns ins Studio!

Von Dienstag 4. bis Donnerstag 6. April 2023 wird es diese vier großen Workshops mit ihm geben:

WS 1: „Balanced View – Balancing Poses“

Do you want to improve your balance, be fearless and get more confident at weight bearing on 1 leg, 2 arms, 3 knees, 4 hands? Balancing can indeed be taken lightly and playfully with the right tools and skills to launch yourself into your pose.

In this workshop we explore yoga asana on the floor and on the mat, using our natural environment to support our practice. I will give you some practical tools and tips to achieve and refine our equilibrium.

We will start with some movement and somatic exploration relating to finding a strong sense of support, elevation and shifting the body weight in an effortless way. Alongside this physical and anatomical exploration, the participants are invited to dig deeper into the somatic and experiential level of what it is to balance.

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1.04/04/202318:00 - 21:00Raueneggstraße 1/1, 88212 Ravensburgnot specified

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