Clown Workshop Weekend with David Cassel

Price 225.00 €


Part 1: The Rhythmic Warm Up

The first hour of this class introduces students to a systematic warm up, rhythmic in nature, that prepares the body for the second part of the class that explores low level tumbling, acroblance and musicality in performance. Students will learn a “warm up” choreography, repeat it and begin building an acrobatic skill set. .

Part 2: Plastiques and Movement Improvisation

Building on techniques and exercises presented in Part 1, this class focuses primarily on a technique developed by Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba called “Plastiques”. Students will be introduced to 8 specific categories of movement and be immersed in several exercises that will teach them how to overcome resistance in the learning cycle and how to quickly expand their movement vocabulary.

Part 3: Story, Staging and Performance

During this class, students will have an opportunity to put the theory and techniques presented in the first two classes into practical performance use. Students will be introduced to story structure and how it relates to presenting outdoor performances of everything from soloists to large ensembles.

Class limit: 12. Total Hours: 16. One instructor


Up until 4 days before the start of the workshop, 50% of the workshop fee will be refunded.

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