Workshop Weekend with Dylan Werner

Starts on Friday, 09/20/2019


Workshop Weekend with Dylan Werner 2019 September 20th – 22nd

We are very happy to welcome Dylan Werner for the first time in Nürnberg and at my shanti yoga. Dylan is well known for his physically challenging practice – but his teachings offer not only techniques to approach advanced asana, but also the more subtle ideas of energetic work in yoga. You will find this range in the workshops he offers at our studio. Workshops in english, german translation help will be provided.

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Dylan Werner zum ersten Mal in Nürnberg und bei my shanti yoga unterrichten wird. Dylan ist für seine außergewöhnlcihe Asana Praxis bekannt, sein Unterrichten bietet sowohl die Möglichkeit, herausfordernde Positionen zu praktizieren und zu erlernen, allerdings auch, die subtileren Aspekte der Yoga-Praxis zu erfahren. Es sind Workshops für alle Level dabei. Die Workshops finden auf englisch statt, es wird deutsche Übersetzungshilfe geben.

2019 September 20th (Friday), 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Kinetic Ascent: Master Vinyasa Class

A dynamic vinyasa class guided through intelligent myofascial meridian sequencing to increase mobility, decrease antagonistic muscle resistance, remove fascial adhesions and increase agonistic strength. This, combined with spacial awareness, balance, and full-range-of-motion movements develops kinetic freedom. Ascend towards challenging arm balances and handstands, with options given to modify and play with along the way. This practice is more than just physical; uplift yourself while exploring the balance between challenge for growth and space for depth. All Levels

Price: 39 Euro

2019 September 21st (Saturday), 10am -1:30pm

Arm Balance Evolution – Workshop

This class is about getting on your hands and exploring the journey of how arm balances bring you to your the edge. By creating a solid foundation and understanding the simple concepts of strength and stability, you will develop trust, self-confidence and the ability to evolve your practice. We first dive into the philosophy of how we can use arm balance as tools to manifest our intentions, overcome fear, foster trust and build a deeper connection to self. We deepen our understanding of how the structural anatomy can allow for us to build upon poses like chaturanga and crow to evolve all of our arm balances to the next level. And then play around with several arm balances and different ways to enter and hold them. From a stable foundation, we’ll add transitions from arm balance to arm balance, headstands to arm balances and possibly even handstand transitions and one hand arm balances for those that are ready. Much of this workshop is lecture based to first understand the philosophy, theory, and anatomy of the poses; then we will explore these concepts in our physical bodies. All Levels

Price: 49 Euro

2019 September 21st (Saturday), 3:30pm - 7pm

Workshop: Anatomy of Handstands

The handstand is an ideal pose for our journey of overcoming fear, building self-trust, cultivating strength and stability, changing perspective and deepening the inner connection to self and presence. After a short practice to warm up, we'll dive deep into the anatomy to understand how the muscles, bones and myofascial meridians support us. We will then take the theory into practice to create foundational techniques to improve your structure, alignment, and proprioception to build the ideal handstand. If you’re brand new at handstands or an experienced practitioner, you will leave with a deeper understanding and a more solid handstand. All Levels

Price: 49 Euro

2019 September 22nd (Sunday), 10am -1:30pm

Enlightened - a meditation workshop

Meditation is a process of transforming the mind to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and equanimity to understand our true nature by moving from a place of effort into a space of ease in the present moment. The meditation practice can take many paths to find the same goal through very different techniques, methodologies, and lineages. This workshop covers several various forms of meditation, such as traditional Buddhist meditation like zazen, samatha, and vipassana to relatively more modern meditation techniques such as heart rhythm meditation and transcendental meditation. We'll look at the differences and similarities of these methodologies, glance into their histories and learn how to apply these techniques to our meditation practice. This workshop is part lecture and part meditation practice. All Levels

Price: 49 Euro

2019 September 22nd (Sunday), 3:30pm - 7pm

Workshop: Elasticity and Plasticity. Fascial focused Stretching and Conditioning

Fascia is a broad term for the connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body to stabilize and bind the muscles, bones, and organs together. When fascia loses its elasticity due to inactivity, lack of mobility, or aging, our bodies lose their youthful bounce, and we are unable to perform optimally. The first part of this workshop is lecture-based, where we cover the four properties of fascia, the theory of how to train the fascia, the associated myofascial meridians, and their function on the body through movement, support, and flexibility as well as how to optimize healing and recovery. The second part of this workshop moves through a series of dynamic, rebounding movements and targeted fascial line holistic stretching to condition and reorganize our fascia into supple, reactive bands, dramatically increasing the range of motion, athleticism, and mobility to enhance balance, reflexes, and proprioception. All Levels

Price: 49,00 Euro

Package Price (all Workshops) = 199 Euro

About Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner pioneers a unique style of vinyasa yoga centered around myofascial meridian sequencing which emphasizes the exploration of a physical journey to deepen the inner connection. Although his practice appears very advanced, he's workshops aim at breaking down the fundamental concepts to create an accessible approach to complicated movements and ideas. Dylan has been teaching since 2011 and has taught in over 60 countries and more than 400 workshops or events.



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