The Movement Lab - Workshop with Marjorie Favre

Starts on Saturday, 22/06/2024
Price 40.00 €


"Unlock Your Movement Potential"

 It's time to rediscover the joy of movement! 

Join us for a transformative workshop where we'll explore various movement modalities designed to reignite your body's natural vitality and flexibility.

From the instinctive movements we learn as babies to the structured practices of yoga, crossfit, calisthenics, and dance, movement forms the foundation of our existence. Yet, as adults, we often find ourselves trapped in rigidity, losing touch with the freedom and fluidity of our bodies.

In this workshop, we'll embark on a journey of exploration, delving into a diverse range of movement types, including

  • animalistic
  • somatic
  • mobility-focused
  • minimalistic
  • and intentional practices.

Through playful experimentation and mindful engagement, you'll learn to reconnect with your body, cultivating strength, flexibility, and a profound sense of embodied presence.

This workshop offers something for everyone. 

Build a deep connection with your body, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the spontaneity of movement, and discover the power of being fully present in your body. 

Join us as we unlock your movement potential and ignite a newfound sense of vitality and joy!

Early Bird until June 8th - 40€, regular rate 45€

Teacher :

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Marjorie (englisch)

Marjorie is a consciousness activist and movement lover. After studying the mind-body-soul connection for almost 20 years, she dedicates herself to support, both men and women, understand who they truly are, to reawaken a sense of Self ownership, love and power. Her approach is to create a safe place for people to heal their wounds. With presence, a light heart and a laser cut vision, he guides others to peel and meet all the layers of their humanness. Her work is transformative and focuses on expanding consciousness and remembering one’s True Essence. Her actual main offerings are: - Journey of Self-discovery through private 1:1 sessions - Awakening Movement, a method that helps embodying one’s True Essence through movement - The Art of Holding Space, is designed to initiate space holders to more sovereignty, integrity and wisdom in their offerings. Visit Marjorie on Instagram


1.22/06/202415:00 - 17:30Hüttenstraße 31a, 40215 DüsseldorfMarjorie (englisch)


Please note before booking: due to the limited number of participants, no credit or refund is possible in the event of cancellation or illness.

You are welcome to send a substitute participant if you are unable to attend.

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