2 Handstand Workshops mit Katherine: "Foundation (Level 1)" am 22. Januar und "Taking Flight (Level 2)" am 12. Februar 2022

Starts on Saturday, 22/01/2022
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2 Handstand Workshops mit Katherine: 'Foundation (Level 1)' am 22. Januar 2022 und 'Taking Flight (Level 2)' am 12. Februar 2022 im Hot Yoga Studio (Holtenauer Straße 70)

Foundation (Level 1) am 22. Januar 2022 von 14:00- 16:00 Uhr

In this workshop, we will practice preparation poses to build strength, flexibility, balance and get ready to take flight. You will move, breathe and find a playfulness to your yoga practice to step away from fear and into your power.

You will learn key foundational poses with alignment, and modifications that will help you to bring in a healthy inversion practice. With an open mind and practicing these tools you will be taking flight.

This workshop is for beginners. All levels are welcome. Modifications and variations can be offered. Please no current wrist or shoulder injuries.

Come play and feel the freedom and lightness in your body and soul.

Workshop language: English

Taking Flight (Level 2) am 12. Februar 2022 von 14:00- 16:00 Uhr

In this workshop you will incorporate the lessons learned in the Foundation Workshop to ease fully take flight in Inversions. We will refine and practice alignment skills, and begin to comfortably move upside down.

You will learn ways to get up and stay up in a variety of arm balances. You will acquire skills to connect with the power in your core and the lightness in your body.

This workshop is for anyone that can kick-up to a wall in handstand. Please no recent wrist, shoulder or neck injuries.

Through focus, bandhas, and breath you will break through what you think you are capable of. Come Play and Feel Free!

“Yoga teaches that consistent, enthusiastic practice makes the impossible Possible” Sutra 1:14

Workshop language: English

Workshop Preise Die beiden Workshops 'Handstand Workshop: Foundation (Level 1)' und 'Handstand Workshop: Taking Flight (Level 2:)' sind einzeln oder vergünstigt als Kombi buchbar:

• 30€ pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 7. Januar 2022 danach 34€

beide Workshops als Kombi: 56€ bis zum 7. Januar 2022 danach 64€

Ermäßigung für Teilnehmer/innen vom Yoga-Moment und Student/innen:

• 26€ pro Workshop bei Buchung bis zum 7. Januar 2022 danach 30€

beide Workshops als Kombi: 48€ bis zum 7. Januar 2022 danach 56€


Der Workshop findet im Hot Yogastudio von Yoga-Moment in der Holtenauer Straße 70 statt:

Hot Yoga Kiel Holtenauer Str. 70 24105 Kiel

Teacher :


Yoga means union, union with your mind, body and breath. To me over the years I have experienced it means to create union with your real self. Through yoga I have had the experience of connecting to my own authenticity which is freeing. Giving up the need to look good or be someone else. Yoga means acceptance of self, acceptance of life, I can show up on my mat as I am in the moment and move, breath, strengthen, and open up to life as it is and as it is not. Yoga gives me the freedom to shine my light in life, and to see the light in others it is transformative.


1.22/01/202214:00 - 16:00Holtenauer Straße 70 (Eingang beim Parkplatz vom Schlemmer-Markt), 24105 KielKatherine
2.12/02/202214:00 - 16:00Holtenauer Straße 70 (Eingang beim Parkplatz vom Schlemmer-Markt), 24105 KielKatherine


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