Breathwork Ceremony

Starts on Friday, 10/04/2019
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A journey beyond the body and the mind

Breathwork is a profound, powerful and yet simple technique where we use nothing more than our breath to access areas of our subconscious that are otherwise out of reach. In this areas lies the trapped energy of unprocessed experiences, traumatic events and unresolved situations which influence our behaviour and create patterns of thinking and acting which often limits us of expressing our full potential. In a Breathwork ceremony we combine different techniques such as meditation, movement and guided processes to enhance the effectiveness of the session. Among the benefits experienced are a deep state of relaxation, a calm and clear mind and a profound feeling of connection. Breathwork can also be a transformative experience which could impact different areas of your life. Join Liana and Fabio for this unique experience!

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Ticket 45 €

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FABIO GIACCONNE Fabio Giaccone (BRA/ITA/DEU) is a yoga alliance experienced registered yoga teacher who has been on the yoga path for more than a decade. He is the co-founder of the Ananda Yoga Haus in the south of Germany and has been teaching passionately yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings for the last 10 years. He has been always fascinated about the power of the breath and after practicing breathwork for the last two years and being convinced of its powerful benefits he decided to become a facilitator himself and to integrate breathwork into his range of offerings. LIANA KONSTANTINIDOU Liana Konstantinidou (GR/UK/DEU) works as Embodiment guide and Transformational facilitator in groups and one on one settings. By weaving Conscious Embodied Movement, Breathwork and other somatic practices/arts that have shaped her practice along the way (Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Franklin Method, Reiki, Conscious Dance, Sacred Intimate Touch), her intention is to create portals of transformation, healing and growth to support people walk this life in a more sacred and conscious way


1.10/04/201919:00 - 22:00Peter-Wolfram-Straße 4, 85540 HaarFabio

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