Flexibility Backbend Special

Starts on Saturday, 18/12/2021
Price 45.00 €


OPEN YOUR CHEST This workshop is focused on neck, shoulders and, most importantly, upper back. After properly warming up our body with a mix of active and passive stretches, as well as some conditioning, we will work on Cheststands and how to safely enter and exit this position.

Angelica (knows as moo0child on Instagram) is a Pole Dance and Flexibility instructor from Italy.

Bitte beachte, dass dies eine 2G-Veranstaltung ist und die Teilnahmevoraussetzung ein vollständiger Impfschutz/ eine vollständige Covid-Genesung (max. 6 Monate alt) ist.

Trainer :

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1.18/12/202116:00 - 17:30Mendelssohnstraße 15B, 22761 HamburgAngelica


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