Starts on Saturday, 30/07/2022
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Take your Floorwork to the next level. Learn how to graciously combine technical movements like shoulder stands and rolls with your Floorwork. The techniques you'll learn can be used to smoothly transition from one pole to another. Tatjana will teach you a flowy choreography which can be done in Pleasers, but can also be done on socks. Note: Knee pads are a must during this workshop.

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Dutch-born Tatjana van Onna started her pole dancing career in 2011, with a strong background in gymnastic and fitness. After participating competitively locally and abroad, she opened her own studio, the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam in 2013. Discovering her newly found passion as a business owner, she launched her second studio in short succession in 2017. Her love for teaching, specifically Exotic Pole, Spinny Pole and Flexibility, is what drives her.


1.30/07/202215:45 - 17:15Mendelssohnstraße 15B, 22761 HamburgTatjana


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