Step by Step Develop

Starts on Saturday, 06/08/2022
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Step by step you learn the general dance knowledge and gain experience. Feel how your movements and body can flow with the pole. The focus is on the controlled movement of body parts, while learning different tricks, rotations and momentum.

Kneepads, pole shorts and basic pole dance knowledge recommended

Trainer :

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The special feature of my performance comes from the combination of ballet technique, contemporary dance and circus. I worked for 7 years at a renowned contemporary dance company where presence and individuality were important. We traveled the world and performed on countless stages. These experiences have shaped and transformed my dance knowledge. I love making professional dance video content and I am incredibly proud that many people watch it. I want to keep making dance videos and give my awesome audience even more professional dance video content, contemporary dance-ballet-circus specials and performances in brilliant places.


1.06/08/202214:30 - 16:00Mendelssohnstraße 15B, 22761 HamburgPeter


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