Online Vortrag von Genjo Marinello: "Anxiety. Being afraid of the known and unknown, the real and unreal future". Anschließende Podiumsdiskussion mit Gert Scobel und Thomas Christaller

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Genjo Marinello, Abt des Zen-Klosters Chobo-ji zu Gast im Zentrum für Bewegung & Lebenskunst mit dem Vortrag:

Anxiety. Being afraid of the known and unknown, the real and unreal future. We humans naturally feel anxiety or fear in situations we aren’t able to understand them. Since two years we experience a kind of anxiety and fear which we possibly never had before in our life. After WW II the danger of nuclear weapons was a fearful topic. Or 1968 when the Russian military marched into Czechoslowakia. And of course there were some other events which might have been developed differently. But what is happening today? Based upon the Internet there are processes to influence the mood of people with the goal to de-stabilize societies and states. There are pandemics which explode at different places on the planet being spread by traveling people all around the world. And last but not least the climate crisis which shows up at different places with a lot of havock locally but with an underlying process which may change life completely on earth.

These threats are seen very differently by different people even in the same state or culture with the same background of knowledge. One extreme is to deny all that constructing a story of secret powers which are interested to manipulate and control people. The other extreme is that we have to go back to a life style as in very ancient times to live with the scarce resources available.

How can we talk with each another and figure out what are the real threats and what are our options to overcome them? How can we agree about the kind of fact finding and proving their reality? How can we agree upon the argumentation and inference techniques to infer or deduce out of the measurable data appropriate models? How can we agree upon how to forecast the future? And how can we agree upon a set of alternative pathways out of the dilemmas we are confronted with and when we have to take one or the other without any further discussion?

And: How can Zen, meditation, science provide us with the „tools“ best suited to solve these problems?

Anschließende Podiumsdiskussion: Genjo Marinello, Gert Scobel, Thomas Christaller

Anmeldung bis 17.01.2022. Spenden sind erwünscht. Zu unserem gegenseitigen Schutz gilt 2G-Plus.

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