A 30 Hour Teacher Training Intensive KATONAH YOGA® accredited education

Starts on Thursday, 08/10/2020



You’ve experienced Katonah Yoga and you want to start integrating it into your group classes. How do you begin?

In this training, we will learn the building blocks of teaching a group class. Each day, we will break sequences down into movable morsels that can be sequenced creatively based on the needs of your class. We will explore various approaches to opening a class and working with themes rooted in Katonah Yoga theory. Explore Katonah Yoga’s central metaphors of fits, folds, asana as origami, along with practical ways to generate and expand this vocabulary in your own language with your own angle. We will practice diligently in the mornings and dive into applied theory in the afternoons.

Saturate yourself in the development of a versatile practice that can be translated and augmented through whatever yoga you already know. Learn how to use props, straps, and adjustments to evolve your practice and teaching. Confidence is based on competency, which is rooted in experience and repetition. Gain confidence, refine your practice, amplify your techniques.


  • Examples of fully sequenced classes, for beginners, experienced practitioners, and older or injured students
  • Ten discrete units of material that can be employed with various demographics
  • Breakdown of frequently used poses and techniques along with their adjustments/modifications
  • Language: how to articulate Katonah Yoga theory to students
  • Working with additional props: straps, blocks, poles, sandbags and their substitutes

You will leave this training with the confidence and skills to teach group classes with confidence.

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, geometry, pranayama, and meditation. For more information, please visit www.katonahyoga.com.

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1.08/10/202008:00 - 16:00Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt am MainDages
2.09/10/202008:00 - 16:00Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt am MainDages
3.10/10/202008:00 - 16:00Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt am MainDages
4.11/10/202008:00 - 16:00Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt am MainDages


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