Stepping Stones and building Blocks

Starts on Sunday, 12/07/2020


Workshop mit Alexandra Harfield

Der Workshop findet wieder in unseren Räumen am Weingarten statt! MAX 18 Teilnehmer

Stepping stones & building blocks – understanding functional & intelligent movement in your yoga practice

‘It’s all about the little things’ – peeling back the layers in yoga poses is a pathway to self-discovery. It not only enriches our own unique practice, but also the way we sequence and teach as well. Our poses are not frozen images – there is a way to move in, a way to let the pose grow and a way to transition out. Breaking down these components can lead us to an abundance of ‘a-ha’ moments as well as provide so much inspiration in and out of the box of sequencing.

Teacher :

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Alex Harfield


1.12/07/202016:30 - 19:00Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt am MainAlex Harfield

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