Poetry of movements AUSGEBUCHT

Starts on Saturday, 15/12/2018
Price 25.00 €


Do you love to move? Do you love moving to music? This workshop is all about your unique self expression through the combination of movement and music. We will start on the mat and move through a yoga practice so that everyone can find a foundation that they are familiar with.

Following this, its time to get creative! We will move off of the mat and link movements together through the interpretation of music, lyrics & individual creativity. You don’t have to be a dancer to express yourself through movement, you just need a willingness to want to move and the rest will evolve on its own.

Trainer :

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Alex Harfield


1.15/12/201814:00 - 16:30Kaufunger Straße 4, 60486 Frankfurt am MainAlex Harfield

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