Women Circle with Mia

Starts on Saturday, 18/02/2023
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A women's circle is a gathering for women to feel safe, heard and seen in the presence of sisterhood, a safe space. Women Circles are constructed of physical yoga practices, meditations, deep group healing and topics that are the most useful and beneficial for us women.

At each circle Mia is creating a sacred space for the participants to feel safe and open to their vulnerabilities. This is how women heal, by reflecting to one another. This space offers each woman new individual strength, inner peace and joy as we sit together in a circle and share wisdom and celebrate the journey of evolution in our everyday life. All begins with the body and the love and attention you bring to it.

Mia has done her Women's Circle Facilitator training at Shakti School with Pauline Drossart and since has been mentoring in Shakti School trainings. Mia is Sat Nam Rasayan healer and uses Kundalini yoga practices specially for women at her circles. She combines her knowledge of the ancient art of Yoga, meditation and healing to create magical women’s circles.

At her circles we also move our body by dancing, use our voice by chanting, we share and sit together as we are beautiful, powerful and vulnerable. Some of the Women circles will be planned with the moon. Some circles are combined with cacao ceremony. Sometimes we have special quests. Each time will be a unique experience to dive deeper to knowing who we are, and allow the growth from there.

Join our Woman Circle with open mind. Come with comfortable clothing ( I prefer to wear a dress) Bring your journal, crystals, pictures of loved ones, palo santo, scarf. Tune into yourself what you need to bring to the circle.

Circles may run up to 120min.

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1.18/02/202319:00 - 21:00Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 MünchenMia
2.01/04/202319:00 - 21:00Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 MünchenMia
3.10/06/202319:00 - 21:00Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 MünchenMia


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