Expressive Movement Special Class with Mel

Starts on Saturday, 29/04/2023
Price 29.00 €



Through the movement practice you’ll connect on a deeper level and feel integrated and present in your own body. You’ll be tapping into your intuition, imagination and innate creativity that’s accessible when opening up to the beautiful chaos of being alive.


We’ll begin with a grounding meditation. From there we get into the body, activating and energizing in a guided warm up which is followed by the movement part of class where we make use of different textures of movement, fluid/ sharp, light/ heavy, and use voice and breath to access deeper levels of connection. You’ll improvise movement from your intuition rather than from your head. You’ll tap into your personal authenticity and truth by trusting your movement impulse without the restrictions of conformity and criticism. Be surprised of yourself!


This class is open to everyone, no special skills required.


I take inspiration from yoga, Gaga, 5 Rhythms, improvisation, my own background in dance and acting and my personal exploration of liberating movement exercise.

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1.29/04/202318:30 - 20:00Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 MünchenMel


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