Patrick Beach Workshop - Awakening Yoga - The Lunar Mobility Practice

Starts on Friday, 13/10/2023
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Awakening Yoga - The Lunar Mobility Practice (2 hours)
Mini Workshop with Patrick Beach

We believe in the foundational truth that we are all designed to move. That movement exists in every plane, and thus so must we. Through this complimentary practice, we will utilize an array of principles from movement, somatics, functional mobility, and yoga asana to expand our perceptions of possibility and our capacity for exploration.

The Lunar Mobility Practice includes considerably less weight-bearing shapes and focuses primarily on joint mobility, spacial awareness, and individual range of motion exploration through the lens of a flowing yoga practice. Be prepared to move, breathe, play, and see what your body is capable of!

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1.13/10/202317:30 - 20:00Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 Münchenvarious


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