Awakening Yoga Solar Practice

Starts on Friday, 11/10/2024
Price 65.00 €


Together we will explore the full Awakening Yoga Solar Practice. This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through challenging movement and complete stillness. Shifting within the balance of organic freedom and structure as go beyond our we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga Practice.

This full-class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose. Experience inner stillness with the aid of expansive pranayama throughout and short meditation to conclude this unified practice.

Teacher :

Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach, the creator of the Awakening Yoga system and owner of Commune Yoga, is a prominent yoga and movement educator, as well as a mindfulness advocate known for his inspirational teaching style and global yoga community.


1.11/10/202418:00 - 19:30Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 80333 MünchenPatrick Beach


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