Soundbath mit Janine Pool von yogatonemunich

Starts on Saturday, 11/16/2019
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Have you had a sound bath before? Sound healing is a powerful, ancient medicine which elicits the relaxation response using frequency, tone, and vibration. Brainwaves shift from an attentive state (beta) to one of healing where dreaming happens and creativity is enhanced (theta). In this place of deep meditation, endorphins naturally create a sense of well being and stuck energy can be unblocked.

About the Musician Janine is a sound therapist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s passionate about sharing biosonics and the transformative power of sound. Creating an immersive sensory experience, she guides you to tune in to your own frequency to find inner harmony and stillness. She's been blessed to have shared her offerings at retreats, workshops, and yoga classes in Germany, Morocco, Costa Rica, and throughout California. Learn more about her local studio at


1.11/16/201919:00 - 20:00Schleissheimer Strasse 27, 80333 Münchennot specified
2.12/07/201919:00 - 20:00Schleissheimer Strasse 27, 80333 Münchennot specified
3.12/22/201921:30 - 22:30Schleissheimer Strasse 27, 80333 Münchennot specified

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