Swing - Lindy Hop Einsteiger-Workshop am 7.9 (Intermediat)

Starts on Saturday, 09/07/2019
Price from 10.00 €


Du möchtest dich intensiver mit Swing Tanzen befassen?

✓ Erweitere deine Basiskenntnisse.

✓ Mit/Ohne PartnerIn

✓ Basic 8 Count, Promenade, Circle und Swing Out Verbindung(Connection), Swing(Bounce), Lead & Follow, Flow

✓ 1 Person 30,00 € 2 Personen 45,00 €

Trainer :

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Wladi began swing dancing 5 years ago, with experience in both Lindy Hop and Balboa. He has developed his own unique style focused on musical interpretation and a connected partnership feeling. With Wladi you will learn how to dance, feel the music and most of all, enjoying the dance with the partner. And to encourage such versatility in dance classes he focuses on technique and small details.


1.09/07/201915:00 - 18:00Am Gojenboom 46, 22111 HamburgWladi

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