You say Emotional I say Sensual | Taste of Sensual Witchy Lab

Starts on Saturday, 15/04/2023
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This is your chance to have a taste of the Sensual Witchy Lab before its next round in Mai. Two single evenings, a small women circle each night exploring their body, their resistance, their self-love… and their pleasure. Because those spaces matters. Where we can feel, with safety and curiosity, all of what we are. Leaving nothing behind and taking all of our emotions, sensations (or absence of), and thoughts through our bodies. The Sensual Witchy Lab is for us a place where everything and everyone is welcome, as long as safety, non-judgement and compassion are nurtured.


You say Emotional I say Sensual

Emotion is your realm, sensuality is your desire… Do you know that they are the same? The Emotion that comes in your body, is life touching you. It wants you to dance, to feel.

The Emotions that you don’t want to feel are telling you where not to go, where not to dare, where to not thrive. But you want it all. You want the alivness, and you have courage for the darkness. And do you know, when there meet, there you feel sensual.

During this workshop, we are going to link our emotions with our sexuality and sensuality. We are going to work on:

  • Our Emotional Fluidity - Coming and going in the emotions
  • Our Emotional Sovereignty - Feeling it all and staying centred
  • Our Emotional Sensuality - Creating pleasure from the emotion

It’s going to be scientific (How emotions are made by Lisa Feldman Barrett), Tantric (Mantak Chia & Daniel Odier) and nourished by everything you will bring in!

Come as you are, you know enough, you are enough.


This journey will be in English.


Claire Biros midwife, a passionate teacher, a lover of dance and free body movement, a fierce advocate for a better birth system, an explorer of feminine energy and sexuality. (


1.15/04/202320:00 - 22:00Gustavstraße 4, 50937 Kölnnot specified


Diese Veranstaltung ist bis sechs Wochen vor Termin kostenfrei stornierbar.

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