Liquid Flow Masterclass w/ Simon Park

Starts on Monday, 10/21/2019
Price 35.00 €


Hamburg - we are thrilled to host Simon Park and it's Liquid Flow Yoga at our Roots Studio! Experience fluid, intuitive Vinyasa, that encourages freedom through self-expression. All levels are welcome.

ABOUT Simon Park acclaimed by Yoga Journal as 'one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation´, has been leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the world since 2002.

LIQUID FLOW YOGA Infused with an immense creativity and dance-like flow, Liquid Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa Flow practice that holds the discipline and classical roots of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga.

Teacher :

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1.10/21/201919:00 - 21:00Mittelweg 146, 20148 HamburgSimon

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