Sound2Soul Workshop | Chakra Balancing Class

Starts on Sunday, 11/24/2019
Price 35.00 €


This Sound2Soul experience will be a deep and relaxing chakra balancing class. The word chakra is Sanskrit and means “disc”. These discs are energy intersection points of different main energy channels, which run through our body. Each chakra has a bija mantra. These bija mantras have a powerful and healing effect on our body and mind. In this class will be go deeper into the chakras on the physical and energetical level. Feel and experience the effect of the fusion of yoga āsanas while chanting the bija mantras and beyond.

Teacher :

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Ulrike & Yani


1.11/24/201914:00 - 16:00Mittelweg 146, 20148 HamburgUlrike & Yani

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