50 hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course (Certification by American Yoga Alliance) Ausbildungsanmeldung

Starts on Friday, 27/01/2023
Price 375.00 €


Once Kundalini shakti is awakened, one can never be the same. It transforms life.”

In this Kundalini yoga teacher training course you will look closely at the system and functions of Chakras and Kundalini. Using various traditional practices, you will learn how to make Kundalini part of your life. Under the expert guidance from Yogi Chetan, this course will help you not only master several techniques that will enhance and refine your practice but also will provide you with profound, all-encompassing knowledge about Chakras and Kundalini. That, in turn, will assist you in developing a stronger ability to analyze your inner physical, mental and spiritual self at a deeper level.

This course is designed for anyone who seeks to open blocked energy channels and purify Nadis ‘nerves’ in the physical body while discovering a connection between Karmendriyas ‘life force energy or ‘organs of action’ and Jyanendriyas ‘consciousness or organs of senses’. You will also explore how to establish a balanced connection between Ida and Pingala, which will further lead you to experience the process of awakening — Sushumna. In the end, you will learn how to mobilize your Kundalini Shakti ‘energy as well as take a deep dive into mastering how to channel Shakti into the seven major Chakras. That will serve us as a foundation for our final goal, which is to awaken the dormant powers of Chakras and bring them into the state of consciousness.

This Kundalini yoga course is based on Six important pillars. Asanas, Pranayam, Mudras, Bandhas, Mantras and Dhyana.

Course Benefits:

• It can lead to initiation and purification of energy channels. • It can start the process of opening blocked Nerves ( Nadis). • It disperses the stress and anxiety out of the mind and body. • Pranayam will strengthen the capacity of lungs, which further has many other health benefits. • It balances and stabilises brain to reduce & get rid of negativity in sentiments and beliefs. • It improves your sleep patterns by working on the problem of Insomnia or lack of sleep. • It aims to connect you with yourself and your surrounding environment, no matter wherever you are. • It helps you in healing yourself physically and mentally with Yogic healing.

Course Details:

• 24 hours of Kundalini Asanas classes, including Pranayama and Mantra chanting • 12.5 hours of Kundalini Tantra Philosophy class • 10 hours of Chakras Kundalini Meditation and Pranayama techniques. • 5 hours of Swadhyay / Self study and cleansing practices.

50 hours - Certification by American Yoga Alliance. COURSE FEES: 375 EUR. Course will be held in English.


1.27/01/202311:00 - 16:30Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified
2.28/01/202311:30 - 17:00Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified
3.29/01/202311:00 - 16:30Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified
4.03/02/202311:00 - 16:30Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified
5.04/02/202311:30 - 17:00Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified
6.05/02/202311:00 - 16:30Arnoldstraße 23, 04299 Leipzignot specified


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