Masterclass: Twist & Shout mit Jelena Lieberberg

Starts on Saturday, 31/08/2019
Price 40.00 €


Um eine Vision vom Traum zur Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen, verwandeln wir unsere Träume in Intentionen. Ganz nach dem ,energy follows intention‘- Prinzip geben wir der Praxis eine gezielte Richtung: der Rücken/speziell die Wirbelsäule im Fokus, wird in Herzöffnern und Drehungen belebt und wird dadurch vom geplagten Leid in eine Quelle der Kraft verwandelt. Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene Yogis.

Teacher :


Hi! I'm Jelena, a seriously not-so serious Yogini. My Yoga career started when I was 12 years old and I practiced with a Serbo-Croatian Yoga book from the 70's my mom gave me. The lady in the book wore those exciting see-through tights and back then, lotus pose was the most impressive to me. And it still is. Today I live in Berlin as a Yogateacher, Writer, Naturopath, Singer, Speaker, as a Presentress and Fulltime Mom. In 2009 I took the Yoga Allience certified teacher training in Berlin. Since then, I began teaching private and group sessions focusing on powerful, honest and touching vinyasa style classes. After my training as Heilpraktikerin in 2012 I found my way on a holistic path where I have learned more about the Dorn/Breuss method, Tibetan Massage and Hypno-Therapy. Since then I embarked on a journey to more power by combining Yoga, High Intensity and bodyweight Training in my KICK ASS YOGA style: Yoga for Non-Yogis, Athletes and Yoginis-to-be who benefit most incorporating yogic 'mobility' with graceful movements gaining more strength, endurance and awareness of their alignment and posture.


1.31/08/201911:00 - 12:30Rostocker Straße 4, 20099 HamburgJelena

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