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You like to try CrossFit? You are very welcome at CFM CrossFit Mitte.

Because of Corona Regulations we currently offer outdoor training in classes of 7 in small groups only.

If you are interested, register first and then choose this class,

Please write me to lars (at)

Looking forward to hearing from you. Lars

This information below is only when lock-down is over in Berlin:

If you live in Berlin and looking for a new Challenge to get fit, you are more than welcome to sign in and try ouu our small group work-out BASIC CrossFit.

This free trial is ideal to check out the location, the training and the people.

CrossFit is functional training in small groups of max of 12 people. We will focus each day on different skills as: Row, Box Jumps, Burpees, Weightlifting, Rope Jump, Snatch, Handstand and many more.

We offer in total 4 Basic CrossFit Classes that rotate from week to week. The class is not a theoretical class. It wil focus on Cardio, Gymnastic or Weightllifting and at the end there will be a 10-15 min Workout.

Please come 5 min early Don´t eat heavy before. Bring a bottle of water or you can buy one inside the gym. Check google maps, we are in an Industrial area. We have showers and drinks. Bring Sport Shoes and positive VIbes.

Have fun and remember, we all had our first time. Best your CFM Coaches

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