Open Voice Workshop

Startet am Sunday, 14/04/2024
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Singing for Joy, Manifestation & Transformation

The Open Voice Workshop is an invitation to approach singing as a path to self-knowledge, one that begins to reveal the possibilities within your voice and leads you into a deeper relationship with yourself, others and the world.

You have so much magic, mystery, and creativity within you. Your voice provides you with the opportunities to discover and release these entities. In this session, you will sing, breathe, meditate and discover the power of your uniquely beautiful voice. The vocalizations and sacred songs are nourishing and deepening. You will experience a full vocal chakra toning that balances the body, heart and mind.
Together we will sing for joy, release and transformation.

What to expect?

A supportive environment that includes toning, vocalizations, ancient songs, mantras, yoga Nidra, breath work, movement, and meditations that nourish the body, clarify the brain, deepen the breath and free the voice within you. Through singing you become closer to your inner world and it is in this closeness that you can begin to visualize the life that you want to live and make clear intentions for yourself.

The workshop supports and nurtures all singing levels. It does not matter how your voice sounds or where you are starting from, it only matters how your voice feels. The work is not about performing, it is about transforming by opening up your body, your breath and your voice.

Please bring a notebook and pen.

Bio: Kendy Gable is a holistic vocal teacher and musical artist who interweaves poetry, stories, and melodies. Her work expands beyond the stage, encompassing ceremony, ritual and interactive experiences. She believes that singing has the capacity to transform us as individuals and as a collective society. Kendy holds a deep interest in the interconnection of humanity and our relationship to the immediate environment in which we live and the natural world that sustains us.


Instagram: @openvoiceberlin and @kendygable

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