Vertical Rope and Aerial Silks Workshop mit Gianluca

Starts on Saturday, 12/10/2019
Price from 50.00 €


“Rope&Roll-not just Rope“

Explore and research movement and technique on vertical rope (or silks alternatively)! Whether you are aleady specialized on rope or a curious beginner on this beautifully pure piece of aerial equipment - this workshop is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills or try new ways. Starting on the ground, we will establish a connection with the rope and explore how it invites us to move with it. We will take basic movement into the air, using it to develop a personal technicality and way of movement by adapting to everyone’s individual body and predisposition.


• working on the ground to build awareness and knowledge of movement in space

• static and dynamic techniques and transitions on rope: beats, twists, roll up / roll down, transitions & drops

• alignment & specific physical preparation

• from technique to technical research, artistic improvisation & personal style

Depending on your level, this workshop can be either a first approach, or a detailed technical and artistic development study. Therefore the class will be devided into groups of beginners or intermediate / advanced. Comfortable and protective clothing is recommended.

Duration: 3 hours per day (The workshop is scheduled for 2 days, but can also be booked individually)

Level: you should be familiar with either rope or silks. As long as you are able to climb, you can learn something ;)

what to wear or bring?: A comfortable but protective clothing is recommended (especially for legs, the back side of knees and pelvis)

language taught in: English or French


Early Bird until 20.09.19:

1 day 50 €, with IVA contract: 45 €

2 days 90 €, with IVA contract: 80 €

After 20.09.19:

1 day 55 €, with IVA contract: 50 €

2 days 100 €, with IVA contract: 90

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Trainer :

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1.12/10/201913:00 - 16:00Mittenwalder Str. 6, 10961 BerlinGasttrainer
2.13/10/201915:30 - 18:30Mittenwalder Str. 6, 10961 BerlinGasttrainer


Stornierung mit regulärem oder Vertragsinhaber Ticket bis 21 Tage vor Workshop-Beginn.

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