THE JOY OF GRATITUDE - A Joyshop for Holistic Well-being & Happiness with Vibha from India

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Starts on Saturday, 07/01/2023
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Do you feel stressed due to business of daily routine? It is a proven thing that Gratitude can help feel happier & reduce stress. All you have to do is to PAUSE, PAY ATTENTION, APPRECIATE.

Vibha's Joyshop has universal appeal. It has been hosted globally, to celebrate annual days, as part of employee engagement, for faculty under FDP, for college students during induction. HR departments have hosted it to celebrate birthdays or festivals & families to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

What happens in the Joyshop? Firstly, it is NOT a typical workshop. It is a JOYSHOP, hence not boring and will NOT make you feel sleepy. In the Joyshop, Vibha will walk you through NINE realms of life, that serve as REMINDERS, to experience the beauty & power of gratitude, in daily life.

Vibha's approach to gratitude is not about emotional or spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity. Instead, it is about experiential gratitude and authentic positivity.

Format of the Joyshop: Interactive

Based on Vibha's ReNEW Framework - Reminders, Neuroscience, Experiential & Whole Person Engagement. You will learn 10 SIMPLE ACTIVITIES to make gratitude an intentional practice in day to day life & be rewarded with the following, research based holistic health benefits.

Neuroscience Based Benefits of Gratitude Practice:

Physical Benefits • Stronger immune system • Less bothered by pains & aches • Lower blood pressure • Exercise more & take better care of health

Psychological Benefits Higher levels of positive emotions More alert, alive, & awake More joy & pleasure More optimism & happiness Social Benefits More helpful & compassionate More forgiving More outgoing Feel less lonely & isolated

About Vibha: As an inspirational speaker, Vibha specializes in emotional & spiritual intelligence. Popularly known as a gratitude champion, Vibha has conducted more than 200 Gratitude Joyshops globally. She has worked in the field of Public Health & Education, with United Nations, Johns Hopkins University, Population Services International, Room to Read, SIFPSA for 20+ years & assignments in USA, Russia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka. She was Country Head of a Dutch Foundation & since 2010, she is nurturing her NGO Muskaan through Happiness related projects. Additionally, Vibha offers well-being courses-Mindful Living, Sacred Seven Streams, Leadership workshops for teams & Flow of Life Guidance for individuals. , many testimonials:

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