Radio Gaga - Tuning into your soul music station

Starts on Friday, 10/07/2020
Price 39.00 €


Radio Gaga - Tuning into your soul music station The human being is like a radio. It’s 50 trillion cells work like a radio receiver, receiving all kinds of energetic waves surrounding it. It uses the brain and bodily functions to interpret the information hidden in these waves, and expresses them in form of thoughts and emotions. It is important to understand that everything we perceive with our senses creates a radio program in our being. And most often, it is those programs that we use to make decisions and to act the way we do. If we repeat the same programs and songs played in those programs often enough, behavioral and thinking patterns emerge, and we start to repeat the past over and over again. Habits form and we start to go into resistance to life when our habits are disturbed, instead of connecting to what is.

Time to start creating your own radio program that plays the soul music of your heart. Instead of letting yourself go into the habits and thinking patterns of the external radio stations surrounding you, let’s connect with the playlist of your heart. We will shake off all the noise from news, commercials, or old songs from your past, so that we can connect with the soundtrack of our heart in a funky-fresh vinyasa practice. In connection with the love inside of us, fully present in the moment, we will switch from receiver to transmitter, and meditate in the abundance of endless possibility, to create the playlist of our heart.


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